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Overview of Khmer Rice Spirit in Deteriorating Era of the Country

Rice Spirit (White Rice Distilled Spirit) which plays an important role in Cambodian daily livings as well as those of people of Asia, dated hundred years and it is not only broadly, popularly used by the drinkers but also a significant part of food and medicines for various disease treatments.

However, such role of Rice Spirit seems less significant in the deteriorating era of Cambodia. When the object of “Rice Spirit”, therefore, referred, the most majority of peoople would link it to negative aspects and situations such as horrible poverty, rustic drunkards, grimy vendors, immoral and indignities conducts of drunkards, unpleasant smells of animal excrement nearby the distillatory place, etc. These are main reasons leading to underestimation of the priceless roles of Rice Spirit.

Any work undertaken in an honest, dignified manner, of course, is always of premium value, except that it is stated in a negative way by certain people. Khmer Angkor Rice Spirit, which is the product handed down from our ancestors, is re-appraised by Angkor Rice Spirit House, operated and managed by a Cambodian family currently residing in Siem Reap province, home of our prosperous Angkor. Angkor Rice Spirit House is the trademark of family scale rice distilled spirit enterprise which is open to welcome visitors from many nations everyday with an aim to share them with Cambodian identity, cultures, and traditions from great abandon ancient civilization and to contribute to improvement of cultural and natural tourism in Cambodia. 



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